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We believe life change happens in the context of relationships and that we are BETTER TOGETHER!

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Men and women golfers of any skill level are welcome to participate in a round of friendly competition. See you on the fairway!
Leaders: Scotty Pierce & Marcus Rogers


This group is an introduction to firearms, focusing on core fundamentals and key safe handling techniques. Come out and advance your skill set and confidence with firearms.
Leaders: Tom McCarley & Gilberto Lopez


Bored? Turn that frown upside down and come join us for a fun time of family friendly board gaming! All ages are welcome.
Leaders: Dave & Mindy Wallace/ Kevin & Veronica Geels


Strikes, splits, spares, and gutter balls. Come and join this family friendly activity and show off your skills (or lack thereof) in a fun game of bowling. A family that bowls together stays together.
Leaders: Glen & Brynne Jones


Ages 14+. Men, lace up your cleats and head to the field. No other sport will give you the exercise you need like soccer. Add a little friendly competition and you will see why the whole world loves the great game of Soccer! Come and kick it with us. #FutureUPCFútbol
Leaders: Junior Meza

+ #ultimateDISCiples

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact team sport for ages 12+ involving a disc frisbee. Game play includes passing the disc down a playing field to an end zone for points. Interception, incomplete pass, and turnovers occur giving the opposite team the disc.
Leaders: Kevin Geels & Levi Jensen


Women of all ages join together on the walking trail to exercise their soles and encourage their souls.
Leaders: Shirae Spencer & Barbara Brown

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Do you often find yourself lacking inspiration to cook? Join Chef Janet Kindy as she, along with other guest chefs, instruct and inspire you to prepare delicious and practical meals for your family. At the conclusion of the class, attendees will be able to partake of the meal they have just prepared as they fellowship with the rest of the group.
Leaders: Janet Kindy


Calling all chefs! Join this food-loving group as we explore a different cookbook each month in search of new recipes. Each person will pick a recipe they would like to experiment with and will bring the finished product to the monthly pot-luck style gathering for everyone to sample.
Leaders: Megan Mastin


Indulge your sweet tooth as you join other dessert lovers for a sugary time of food and fellowship. We will explore local bakeries, ice cream parlors, snow cone stands, and much more!
Leaders: Stefany Silva & Lexi Patrick


A group that appreciates food. Join us for a time of food, fun, and fellowship as we explore local restaurants in search of unique and delicious culinary experiences.
Leaders: Caitlin & Camden Poore

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Do you find yourself aimlessly searching Pinterest for new ideas, saving them, but never working up the courage to dive off and do them yourself? This group is for you! Ladies who enjoy creating and crafting will come together and learn how to DO IT YOURSELF. Cost will vary by craft.
Leaders: Sharon Kindy & Sandra Hampton


Avid readers, gather around! This group will set out to read one new book each month and will join together for lively discussions over their current reading material.
Leaders: Ben Bailey


This group will host various activities, trips, and get-togethers for men and women ages 55+. Our aim is to create an atmosphere conducive to encouragement and socialization among our Upper Class saints.
Leaders: Wally & Shirley Liles