Our Story

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From the establishment of an organized church on Division Street, to the thriving, multi-facility campus on Kelley Highway, the focus of TPC has always been connecting people to God. The Church has been blessed with a history of strong and anointed leaders who had a vision to see the Kingdom of God established in our neighborhood, in our city and in our region.  With the direction of men like the Reverends C.P. Kilgore, H.W. Hatter, James G. Lumpkin, Bishop B.J. Thomas, and our current Pastor, Tim Sullivan, the vision of connecting people to God has grown beyond the north side of Fort Smith, reaching the city, the county and the River Valley. Over the course of the last century, TPC has impacted the River Valley for the cause of Christ. We have shepherded the flock, we have discipled the new believer, we have preached to the sinner, we have fed the hungry, we have clothed the needy, we have taught the children, we have counseled the broken and we have opened our arms to the hurting. TPC has championed the truth and steadfastly advanced the Kingdom for nearly 100 years. 

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We celebrate what was accomplished long ago, and we are forging ahead in this new era and culture with passion and innovation. In the past several years TPC has doubled in size, and both our English and Spanish congregations have outgrown their sanctuaries.  We are now in the process of building a 1000-seat sanctuary with the purpose of connecting even more souls to God! The mission of the Church is still what it has always been—connecting you to God. We are connecting you to God through dynamic services and engaging classes, through block parties and bus routes, through family ministries and personal Bible studies. If there is a soul seeking to know Jesus Christ, TPC strives to be the link.  Come join us as God writes this chapter of our story!